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Immigration Explosion

Coming to America


The current wave of immigration, which rivals the massive influx of 1880-1914, started with the Immigration and Na­tionality Act of 1965. Since then, about 27 million legal immigrants have crossed the border. In addition, an estimated 10.3 mil­lion illegal ones live in the U.S. The net result is that, as of 2004, there were 34.2 million foreign-born residents in the country. More than half are from Latin America and about a quarter from Asia, which contrasts with the pre-World War I period, when the for­eign-born were overwhelmingly European.


Today's surge, like its predecessor, is pro­foundly affecting the culture and economics of the U.S., particularly in southern Florida, southern California and the New York met­ropolitan area. In 2004 the foreign-born ac­counted for 11.3 percent of the population, and at their present rate of increase, this fig­ure could exceed the record of 14.6 percent in 1890. The foreign-born now account for half the growth of the U.S. population.


One reason that the U.S. draws immi­grants is the long-standing shortage of na­tive-born workers. Too few Americans are acquiring scientific and engineering skills: of the foreign-born, 3.3 percent of those 18 years of age and older hold higher degrees, such as Ph.D.s and J.D.s, compared with 2.2 percent of the native-born population. At the ame time, the native-born shun many man­ual jobs. Farm labor, for instance, is largely foreign-born. Several California industries, such as apparel and construction, depend almost exclusively on immigrant workers.  [Both propositions are shit on a stick.  For one thing, the brain drain to this country can and has always existed even with strict immigration quotas.  The immigration laws have always given special considerations to those with needed technicalskills.  Secondly, with decent wages there was no shortage of native born farm workers and trash collectors in the 1950s--jk.]


Another stimulus to immigration is U.S. involvement abroad, which has led to waves of migrants from South Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and other countries. Other triggers in­clude civil conflict, as in Colombia, and hard times, as in the former Soviet countries.


Although some immigrants are a burden on the welfare system, as a group they pay far more in taxes than they receive in govern­ment benefits, such as public education and social services. A National Academy of Sci­ences study in 1997 found that immigrants had little impact on the earnings of U.S.-born Americans, except for unskilled jobs, where native-born high school dropouts found their wages going down because of competition from unskilled immigrants. Ac­cording to the National Foreign Intelligence Board, an advisory body to the Central In­telligence Agency, the more liberal immigra­tion policies of the U.S. have given it a com­petitive edge over Europe and Japan in in­dustries such as information technology.

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Our government listens to the business community especially the Business Roundtable.  They want an expanding and cheap pool of labor, which they got.  It was under Reagan that the enforcement of immigration laws became inordinately slack-, and since then the number of illegals has increased nearly 4 fold.--jk


For a collection of articles on the last 2 stolen elections, plus the election in Mexico

If there lips are moving they are lying.  

The one thing you can be sure that they stand for, is to get elected.


If there lips are moving they are lying (said of politician)

To understand developments in our political system (both parties) one must understand the role of neoliberalism.  Any analysis which misses this connection is grossly inadequate.  (Neocons follow neoliberalism economic policies). 


We have an evil, evil system. Words such as imperialism, greed, corporate greed, neoliberalism, neoconservate, globalism, bought politicians, control of media are descriptive.   There are reasons why the labor movement has collapsed.  It is the politics of neoliberalism, an out growth of corporate greed.  Given how it opposes the public weal, we have devoted a section to expose just what neoliberalism is—a thing that the five corporations which own broadcasting will not do. 



Things have gotten worse, the hole the neocons has dug is much deeper.  The economic stats are worse than bad:  the trend is toward greater disparity of wealth and on top of that the U.S. is loaded with debt and imbalance of trade.  The debt can through fiscal austerity can be paid off (as some of it was under Clinton), but the trade imbalance will only grow due to the dismantling of are industrial base and the setting up of free trade agreements such as NAFTA.   The current foreign debt is equaled to over 70% of GDP, a ratio unmatched by far among industrialized nations.  To find out what economics is called the dismal science and the role of neoliberalism.