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For table of all religious works, divided into categories:  A great aid. 

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This is the catchall site on religion; viz., articles that don't come under the heading of New Testament, Old Testament, famous thinkers on religion, they are found here or in my first site enlightenment.

There are many things that cause harm.  George Bernard Shaw said poverty was the greatest of evils, and I have to agree.  The second greatest (for which the major contributors are genes and poverty) is the poverty of the mind, called "ignorance."  Religion both promotes ignorance and is a collecting place for the ignorant.  Yes, promotes because it teaches "revealed" truth and thereby opposing common sense, because it makes the world much stranger than it is, and  because it mocks science and the rational process when they conflict with doctrine.  If the average person thought deeper there would be less poverty, for he would not have the economic wolves running our political-economic system.  Click on this link for relevant essays  Thus religion has contributed to the economic poverty.  It is not how much good they have done, but how much better the world would have been without it.
And there are two personal reason, I have been fascinated by and immersed in the classical world, and the Christian have been responsible for the destruction of most of their books on literature, philosophy, science history and so on.  Their ineptitude in administration resulted in the fall of Rome and the Dark Ages, which was further promoted by their stiffling of education.  The other is their counter to human nature attitude about love and coitus, which has an impact on our society's standards. 
.  For those wishing to be entertained on the topic of Christian faith, there are Mark Twain's best satire, and there are the illustrated brotherhood of religions and where is god's son?  Concise is the list of the basic reasons to be without religion.  On the issue of post-death existence are works by John Stuart Mills and Lucretius the Roman Epicurean.  In a passage that merits reading for its conciseness and clarity, John Stuart Mills explains his father’s opposition to religion for its being the greatest of evils and the results of these evils are describe in James Haught’s Holly Horror.

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As for the realization that religion does much more harm then good, I am in good company.  To mind comes Thomas Paine, Jeremy Bentham, Bertrand Russell, Voltaire, Epicurus, Lucretius, Mark Twain, Karl Marx, Vladimar Lenin, Fredick Engles, Ho Chi Minh, Moa tse-tung, and David Hume.  All of them have for the depth of their thought made a mark in history.  There are many more who knowing the narrow mindedness of those of faith, who are without faith and have chosen to not speak out publically.  Among them are Einstein, Darwin, Stephen Hawkins. S number of famous thinkers have choose to call themselves agnostics because it is subject to less public censure.  I am sure you can think of others who see religion as doing more harm than good.   

Most notable rational thinkers with political and social impact are Epicurus, Aristotle, Jeremy Bentham, B.F. Skinner, Charles Darwin, Voltaire and Albert Einstein.  Each wrote on the evils of the religion of the masses, problems with current social/economic order and they made significant academic contributions.

Malt done more than Milton can to show God's way to man--A.E. Housman.


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