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64-who's squeezin me

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How could God let this cadger grow so old

considering what his record told?

First with red baiting and teeth gnashing

he established his name by commie smashing.

No respect for sovereign rights,

with CIA the reds they'd fight;

also sent the boys for peace keeping,

mass destruction thus was reaping.

But discontent in student groups

caused withdrawal of the troops.

At home he cut the public service roles,

and slackened big business controls.

He started war on personal liberty

by opposing drugs and sexuality.

He did what business & party wanted

and so the public weal was bunted.

Justice and honor were treated rough

till bungled burglary his goose did stuff.

Still today most do not think

he left behind a fetid stink.






There was an ole lady who lived in a shack,

just fifty feet from the railroad track.

The sheet metal roof was exceedingly thin,

that rains pounded loudly and splattered within.

Two years before pension, the cotton mill closed,

her kids took to theft, and dad the booze chose.

Then came the police, who pulled the pot they planted;

without a cash crop, no credit was granted

She had no income, no money for food,

her kids were in jail and her husband stewed.


In winter drunk Fred froze dead in the gutter;


So she tried selling 20 years of clutter.


She ripped up the floors to heat up their hut,

thus next to the stove, slept she with her mutt.

With spring came ants, termites and rats;

they ate the straw broom and even her hat.

Then June when mosquitoes thrive,

though nothing but bones, her and her mutt were eaten alive.







We read the drivel that they wrote,

then as a herd we cast our votes

to reassign ole Billy goats

to run this ship of state

both fair and straight.

So boy, I'll bet we wont regret

that we them told to fix the debt.

Who cares of services for the poor,

when a balanced budget well secure.

So they claimed to follow our desires,

but the debt still got higher.

Now were told, The bills come due,

but dont you sweat, we wont screw you;

they're other chumps for us to pump,

not little guys, but rich and plump.

I trust them all; they go to church,

and for drug dealers they upped the search.

Cause their experts run the federal banks,

the ship of state, it wont be sank;

the bills be paid,

the wolf be stayed,

they daren't be

asqueezin me,

for we voters hold the power;

they fear the squeeze would make us sour.

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