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To Thales

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             TO     THALES



A diatribe for those that reason’s way


Confound and leave in disarray,


Who like the smith bend iron truth


To fit their worldly goals, god’s zounds, foresooth!!!




To those sanctimonious anachronisms


Who in god’s service confute wisdom;


With edict, prophecy -and- scriptures proclaim


“Therein lies truth’s domain.”


For them the revealed truths are singular,


Conflicting evidence and logic they disbar.


With laws and swords at adversaries throats,


For humming different tune and notes.




No verbal pretext to mass morality


Can justify their heinous brutality3


And how they human nature and social order misalign


In their errant veneration of the divine.


Those who disclaim what evidence promotes


Deserve to receive much worse then they wrote




To those erudite pontificating pendants


Whose obfuscation students must recant


Cause they amalgamate science with disparate parts,


And grandiloquently twaddle to exhibit pseudo—smarts~


Their fulsome array chimerically confounds;


Once in learned halls their type abound,


Yet still in this age of science too many are around.




To those whose aesthetic tastes give license


To floridly doodle vacuous verse void of sense


On gossamer wings the infernal abyss, vales, and lofty mountains



Or abut in a falderal of words and phrases significance veil.



And those windbags with highfalutin prose


Make the reader doze;   -


Their drivel, natters, jabber, prattle, blather, blabber


Makes me spirits all the sadder.




From those whose logic’s weaker than pleasure’s end


The worldly perils are our dividends;


They swallow our traditions and our present plight;


And believe their slogans guide the way to right.




But change started so long ago by Thales,


Who first the mythical assailed


With plain godless reason and the laws of nature;


His way with modern science has matured.


So when man with logic upon the mythical prevails


Utopia will cease to be a fairy—tale.

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