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brief commentary on my poetry

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My  poems


The poems which I have written, numbering over 100, fall into several groupings.  The first broad grouping would on the tone, either satirical/comic, or straight forward.  I hold that without rhyme and meter the poem becomes prosaica topic to which I will soon publish thereon.  Rhyme and meter make lines memorable, like Robert Frosts whose woods are these I think I know/his house is in the village thought.  Thus their meaning is dressed in the music of sound.


The comic poems are often overly full of rhyme, both internal and end.  Even here I place meaning before rhyme and meter.  For these poems rely not just on sound, but also on wit to entertain.  All of them were written between 1990 and 1996. Editing, however, is continuous with me. A number of them were inspired by the works of other poetssometimes I include their poem for comparison.  Poetry forms a platform for wit that today is rarely used.  What happened to Samuel Butler and Alexander Pope:  forgotten by a lazy public.  Hopefully these offerings will reward sufficient the readers effort.

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