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Federal Court System






Vision and political reality are worlds apart.


What good are laws where POWER is king?

Where the indifferent and greedy are running things

Politicians make laws giving courts great power,

Its use for repressions turns justice quite sour.

Lying, cozen, callous police lead juries astray;

Prosecutors, judges permit honor betrayed;

Hapless, downtrodden, foolhardy required to pay.


What good are laws where TRADITION is king?

Where conformity to past determines what future will bring?

And Nemesis codex reveals what’s right from wrong?

                                                Judges once prosecutors, appointed for views

                                                Still fighting a war, defendants they screw,

                                                Prosecutors, lawyers, judges all playing games;

                                                Protecting society is what they proclaim,

                                                But all they are doing is working for gain.


What good are laws where PROFIT is king?

Where laws are fettered by golden strings?

The courts serve as auctions where justice is sold:

For the power elite the structure uphold;

Those with great wealth are part of the fold?

The judge who presides bangs a gavel of gold.


What good are laws where SERVICE is king?

Where politician’s wisdom is molding things?

Power and press assure political success.

Who cares about people they have to oppress?

The media is a tool for assuring the vote;

One color two shades all owners promote;

An alliance with wealth supported by sheep.

The ultimate end is the structure to keep;

A system where justice and good doth rot upon the political heap.

This poems says it all

Jurisprudence is a set of rules that promote the equitable & consistent handling of civil and criminal cases.