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His struggle with the courts and a letter from DEA's Office of Professional Responsibility

Campbell had found unequivocal evidence of government wrong doing (see Campbell's Back in the Can) where the first lab tests of the supposed methamphetamine precursor, done by the state of Rhode Island, came back clean.  After that the DEA took the samples to their own lab on Whitehall Street in New York, where using essentially the same equipment several of the sample came back with the controlled precursor P2P (phenyl-2-propanone).  Since the method of testing is so definitive as not to warrant a second testing, the only purpose for such testing was to add the P2P and then get a positive result from the DEA’S’s lab.  They thought Campbell would NOT find out about the Rhode Island State tests.  He didn’t find out until a couple of years after his trial, when he filed a Rhode Island State Freedom of Information form.  About 6 months after he gets the hard evidence of the DEA’S’s spiking his samples, a non-police chemist working for the lab goes public over several incidents where the lab had manufactured evidence.  Instead of a proper investigation like the one in West Virginia where over 100 inmates were released, (the investigation was ordered by and supervised by a State Judge) the federal government allows the DEA to investigate themselves.  The investigation of course didn’t include Campbell’s case.  And when he wrote to them about his case, nothing happened.  The DEA was more concern with obscuring their misconduct then doing justice.  The Court and Congress both knew this would happen, since such is the standard operating procedure when a police organization investigates itself. 

     The Judge in Campbell’s case had demonstration his position when he upward departed from the Federal Sentencing Guidelines so as to triple Campbell’s sentence. He was not going to consider the evidence from the Rhode Island Police lab as proving Campbell’s innocence.  He simply relied on a weak government brief for the reasons as to why Campbell Habeas Corpus appeal was denied.  And the Appellate Court did the same.  Roderick A. Campbell’s release date is May 4, 2014.  He will be 72 years then. 

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