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KEN kESEY's group


Ken Kesey in 1965 with a group of fellow trippers (Pranksters) toured the country in their psychedelic bus, and with the support of rock groups who gave concerts, they distributed LSD for free at those concerts.    This adventure is preseved in the best selling Kool Aid Acid Test.  Ken Kesey's reputation as an author came from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962), which was made into a film (75) and a Broadway play (63).



Today I was reading Milton's Paradise Lost, and he called the Pagan Gods devils.  This started me thinking of the tall stories told about our universe, among them of its creation and of its Gods. 


The Christians have their minor deities including saints, devils, angels, and sons of God (see Genesis 6:1).  Their evidence is like that for Big Foot, many reports, some exposed as hoaxes, but no museum quality evidence.  NONE!  What do we have of angels, devils, and Gods?   Each religion presents the same sort of evidence and arguments for their faith.  Until one of them has their Gods give regularly state of the universe reports, or in some other indisputable way make their presence known, I will continue praying to the set of Pagan Gods.  The sacred stories about Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Hermes, Apollo, and Zeus are much better, they are consistently found in good literature.  I am much more familar with their history.  The most of the Judea-Christian Bible is insufferable boring.  The pagan Gods occupy a place in the ethereal realm of my imagination; the Christian pantheon is in comparison faint.  


When the early Christians said of the other gods, that they were devils, I  know they had it 180 degrees wrong.  For it is their Gods as revealed through their lore that has created pestilences and hell,  and Jehovah punishes the children for the sins of Adam and Eve.  Jehovah is by their own account cruel and unjust; the same cannot be said of the pagan Gods.  They are limited by Moirai, just proportioning, which is determined by the Erinyes the Chthonian powers of redistribution.   Thus the Judeao-Christian pantheon resembles devils.  How perverse it is to say that of fun loving Aphrodite and father Zeus!



[If there is a biblical source for the lie that other Gods are devils, could you e-mail me the reference,   

For table of all religious works, divided into categories:  A great aid. 


H. R. Giger

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Moreover, JK has something to say, and he likes saying it.  He has written several works of fiction in need of a publisher.  Can you help? 



Abdul Mati Klarwein



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Among the sites on religion is one in which leading literary writers speak openly their minds.  There is Nietzsche, The Antichrist, a selection from Denis Diedrots excellent novel Memoirs of a Nun, three works by Lucian, Greco-Roman satire at its best, and three works by Mark Twain.  One of them is so good, Letters From Earth,  that clearly there is no equal.  It was Twain's last--and best work. 


Another worthy collection is that of famous thinkers on religion.  Denis Diederot critical examines religion, Tacitus, the best of Roman writers, devotes 2 pages in his history of Rome to give the Egyptian version on the origin of the Hebrews.  And of course there is Thomas Paine.  Einstein is included because he has been misunderstood.  And there is an article on the New Age poppycock that is exceptional and a philosophical exercise by me that explains why (assuming there is a noble god who rewards), that the god must prefer thinking atheists who live a good life to those of faith.  Finally there is the master piece of a lecture for the public given by Bertrand Russell which explains Why I am Not a Christian.  England is more progressive than the United States.  In fact for his views on marriage and religion, Lord Bertrand Russell was denied under state law the position granted him by NYU of teaching in 1944 for a year.

 For those wishing to be entertained on the topic of Christian faith, there are Mark Twain's best satire, and there are the illustrated brotherhood of religions and where is god's son?  Concise is the list of the basic reasons to be without religion.  On the issue of post-death existence are works by John Stuart Mills and Lucretius the Roman Epicurean.  In a passage that merits reading for its conciseness and clarity, John Stuart Mills explains his father’s opposition to religion for its being the greatest of evils and the results of these evils are describe in James Haught’s Holly Horror.


The Last time religion ruled the Western World they called it the Dark Ages


Can't you count, the father, the son, the holy ghost, Satan, & Gabriel that equals 5!!!


George Carlin on religion, his best, over 5 million views 6/09 at

Carlin from HBO on swearing to god and the bill of rights

On the 10 commandments, only need 2