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Recommended Reading


Bible Prophecy: Failure or Fulfillment?
Tim Callahan.
ISBN : 0965504700.

The Dark Side of Christian History.
Helen Ellerbe.
ISBN : 0964487349.

The Unholy in Holy Scripture.
Gerd Ludemann.
ISBN: 334026768.

The Case Against Christianity.
Michael Martin
ISBN : 1566390818.

Leaving the Fold (A Guide to Recovery from Fundamentalism).
Dr. Marlene Winell.
ISBN : 1879237512.

The Jesus Puzzle.
Earl Doherty.
ISBN: 0968601405.

Atheism: The Case Against God.
George H. Smith.
ISBN: 087975124X.

Who Was Jesus?
Prof. G. A. Wells.
ISBN: 0812690958.

The Jesus Legend.
Prof. G. A. Wells.
ISBN: 0812693345.

The Jesus Myth.
Prof. G. A. Wells.
ISBN: 0812693922.

Religious Postures.
Prof. G. A. Wells.
ISBN: 0812690710.

(i)The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy,
and (ii)Biblical Errancy - A Reference Guide.
Dennis McKinsey.
Details Here

The Jesus Hoax.
Phyllis Graham.
ISBN: 085632096X.

Jesus, in History and Myth.
eds. R.J. Hoffmann & G.A. Larue.
ISBN: 0879753323.

The Unauthorized Version.
Robin Lane Fox.
ISBN: 0670824127.

The 2000 Years of Disbelief.
Famous people with the courage to doubt.
James A. Haught.
ISBN: 1-57392-067-3.

Holy Hatred.
Religious conflicts of the '90s.
James A. Haught.
ISBN: 0-87975-922-4.

Holy Horrors.
Illustrated history of religious murder and madness.
James A. Haught.
ISBN: 0-87975-578-4.

Disciples of Destruction.
The religious origins of war and terrorism.
Charles W. Sutherland.
ISBN: 0-87975-349-8.

The Hallelujah Revolution.
The rise of the new Christians.
Ian Cotton.
ISBN: 1-57392-055-X.

Close Encounters with the Religious Right.
Robert Boston.
ISBN: 1-57392-797-X.

The Ape-man Within.
L. Sprague de Camp.
ISBN: 0-87975-951-8.

In the Beginning.
A scientist shows why the creationists are wrong.
Chris McGowan.
ISBN: 0-87975-240-8.

Science and Earth History.
The evolution/creation controversy.
Arthur N. Strahler.
ISBN: 1-57392-717-1.

God and the Burden of Proof.
Keith M. Parsons.
ISBN: 0-87975-551-2.

Nonbelief and Evil.
Two arguments for the Nonexistence of God.
Theodore M. Drange.
ISBN: 1-57392-228-5.

Why I am an Agnostic and Other Essays.
Clarence Darrow.
ISBN: 0-87975-940-2.

Setting the Captives Free.
Victims of the Church Tell Their Stories.
Austin Miles.
ISBN: 0-87975-617-9.

Don't Call Me Brother.
A Ringmaster's Escape From the Pentecostal Church.
Austin Miles.
ISBN: 0-87975-507-5.

Deconstructing Jesus.
Robert M. Price.
ISBN: 1-57392-758-9.

Gospel Fictions.
Randel Helms.
ISBN: 0-87975-464-8.

The Bad News Bible.
David Voas.
ISBN: 0-87975-968-2.

The Christ.
A critical review of the evidence of his existence.
John E. Remsburg.
ISBN: 0-87975-924-0.




Deadly Blessings.
Faith healing on trial.
Richard J. Brenneman.
ISBN: 0-97975-580-6.

The Mind of the Bible-Believer.
Edmund D. Cohen.
ISBN: 0-87975-495-8.

The Gospel Time Bomb.
Ultrafundamentalism and the Future of America.
Lowell D. Streiker.
ISBN: 0-87975-259-9.

Jesus in History and Myth.
ed. by R. Joseph Hoffmann and Gerald A. Larue.
ISBN: 0-87975-332-3.

Blind Faith.
Confronting contemporary religion.
Chester Dolan.
ISBN: 0-87975-931-3.

The Christ Myth.
Arthur Drews.
ISBN: 1-57392-190-4.

Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists.
Ed. Edward T. Babinski.
Prometheus Books, 1995.

Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist?.
Dan Barker.

Beyond Born Again.
Dr Robert M. Price.

Relic, Icon or Hoax? Carbon Dating the Turin Shroud.
Harry E. Gove.
Institute of Physics Publishing, 1996.

The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts.
Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman.

101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History.
Gary Greenberg.
ISBN: 1570715866.

Challenging the Verdict.
Earl Doherty.

The Jesus Debate.
Mark Allan Powell.
Lion Publishing, 1998.



Many of these are available from is an online bookstore specializing in skeptical and atheist books related to the origins of Christianity and the search for the historical Jesus.


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