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In all BronzeAge cultures

people were by myths chained

told by the priests they ordained

to worship Gods who maintained

the balance of nature and bestowed heavenly treasures

unto those who did as the priests assured. 


Man made Gods in many shapes:

the Hebrews to resemble the apes,

Yahweh, war God and sour grape,

and another named Elohim,

plus devils, spirits, and seraphims:

a menagerie worthy of Bedlam.


A God to make the Jews a great nation;

just tithe and be patient,

and bring the food for their priests,

and surely the Hebrews shall increase.


But Babylon made their numbers decrease,

but Rome made their numbers decrease,

but Christians made their numbers decrease,

but Moslems made their numbers decrease,

but Germany made their numbers decrease.

Can Yahweh be their heavenly chum?

And He permits a Savior to come

to establish Yahweh again in Jerusalem.


The Jews fabricated a past

with flood, Pharaohs, and bombast;

for when events are not recorded,

wide latitude was afforded.

for the earliest piece of evidence is the Moabite stone

sets down in 830 BC how the Hebrews were overthrown.


A past that lacks nonbiblical records

plays for Jesus & Christians the same chord.

One scribes interpolation in Josephus,

does not establish an historical Jesus.

Is not the Messiah history to Josephus?

Bishop Oregin could not find this line in Josephus

But later copies have this and John the Baptist. 

These insertions by a Christian copyist--

Outside the bible there is no account of Christ.


Josephus lacks Herod's purported slaughter of boys,

nor was there a census by Varius the Viceroy.

Luke and Mathew's willingness to toy

with the account by Mark,

thus proving all were in the dark.

They would not have rewrote their prophets life,

not even for to please a wife.


The gospel authors believed that the Old Testament

being by their god, foretold future developments

including that their Christ was greater than the prophets,

And so this fact the scripture stories they set.


Unbiased scholars of the bible agree

that the authors weren't the disciples,

that the Gospels werent history,

that changes in texts occur freely,

and that unto a collection of sayings were spun

miracles and theological hokumpokum.


Gospels contain stories showing Jesus had married parents,

stories showing Him greater than John the Baptist,

stories showing Him more than a prophet,

stories showing Him fulfilling the prophecies

clap trap aggrandizing a fantasy.


Gospel stories are to refute the Gnostics

the heathens, rabbis, & other heretics.

Two rabbis back then wrote a Jesus slur:

Jesus as being a sorcerer

and he was a bastard,

for trying to mislead the common herd,

he was for sins executed and hung for the birds

which is far less absurd

than the biblical tales

which credulity assails.


There was a core doctrine presented by Paul,

who wrote well before Mark and them all.

He does not upon the words of Christ call

and no legends are found in his writings,

except of Christ for our sins dying.

Would not a preacher rely on his Lord?

and all that His authority affords?

But Paul admits thered neither miracles nor wisdom

all that was later in gospels to come.


Mark in the first Gospel penned legends

from walking on ice to the miraculous end,

a vainglorious way to defend

that Jesus be the Christ, God sent,

all this unto Pauls doctrines Mark blends.


Of Mark, Luke and Matthew include most of his lines

to which they new stories combine,

All of Mark's stories are boastfully changed,

More demons, more witnesses fed, and other ways arranged.


Even the last words on the cross,

Is clearly a gloss,

for each of the three has differently chosen

from the Psalms for Him to have spoken.

Now what does these entail of Matthew & Luke?

Did they think Mark wrote Mark history. . .  or puke?


There are Gospels of all shades;

Nicodemus, Thomas, James, Mark, Hebrew,

Ebonites, Bartholomew, and Matthew;

even today, the Mormon charade

thus proving such is man made.


A God with unbounded knowledge and powers,

that exists for all hours!

Now faith is different than fact.

The historical records we lack.

Must there be a seed, like Adam & Eve

for man of a Savior to conceive?


Now faith is different than fact:

it starts with a premise of knowledge,

such as revelations give to the priest college

and a unique divine contract

ratiocination is by faith given the ax.


The religious hold that reason is the fools subterfuge,

for reason denies the great deluge!

denies the biblical miracles!

denies Yahweh is the uncaused cause!

denies angels and devils and saints!

denies life after death!

denies salvation through faith!

denies a beneficent Yahweh!

denies the historical Moses and Christ!

All this reason compels,

but to the faithful, no sell.


Theology and philosophy are different,

each the other resents;

one guarantees pie in the sky,

other humanism, science, and modus operandi.


Christian theologians state theres but one God,

plus a son Christ, angels, archangels, devils, and spirits;

all crowding the heavenly quad.

Thats quite a few digits,

or are they just ethereal minions?

And what of Satans dominion?


Theologians are given to bragging

that their Gods are bigger than yours,

which leaves the skeptics gagging

about the fish that faith procures:


Then they add goodness to boot,

which our experiences confute;

for then Yahweh must make

a world without snakes or headaches.


If Yahweh wants us to Him worship,

why test to see wholl slip

(and what of the ones that have died young,

or lived only in places farflung?)

Why dont He write on the mountains,

or program our brains

rather than making a game

with heaven, and flames?


Ethical philosophy has proven punishment bad

when without pain the same may be had;

yet immoral are the ways of Yahweh

with His hell, flood, and doomsday.

Is this the Lords loving way

having Hebrews, the heathens slay?

And what does the Pharaohs myth us teach?

That Yahweh fucks with the Hebrews by making them slaves

And the Egyptians by devastating their land


Moreover, He gave lex talionis unto the Jews,

an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth

and stonings for the sinners to abuse.

Was He on Ethics confused?


There is a commandment of brotherly love,

to love your enemies and turn the other cheek;

yet this Celestial Power will shove

those who do not His glory seek

into hell forever and a week.


Is not man to do as God speaks?

from His O.T. teachings come the Crusades,

the inquisition and other war escapades?

Gods guided church being loving and meek

an example of Orwellean doublespeak.


Explaining mans evil constitution,

and harsh worldly conditions,

the Gnostics have a simple solution,

that Yahweh is a lower deity,

who in making man joined the soul to the body.

Man was Yahwehs idea.

contrary to the advice of the high goddess Sophia;


Gnostics, Moslems, Arians, and others

are all theological brothers,

for what is launched without proofs

makes a their faiths into bedlam spoofs.


Examine their visions and prophecies,

their wisdom and theologies.

They reason and logic stultify

Sophistries they pile sky-high.

Having no standards sound,

deities and duties abound

in their ethereal merrygoround.



The proscription for the faithful

is to make ratiocination sinful:

The mysteries of heaven is beyond us,

and Gods ways sorely perplex us,

thus dont let incongruities vex us,

to question in public is helping the devil;

besides, God condemns those who cavil.


The psychology of deceptions is found

where the will to dream abounds,

and assumes a pseudoreality,

a will to gullibility.



Some consider religion a harmless fiction;

other believe it to be a source of moral instruction;

but consider its two-thousand years of cruelty, wars, and destruction,

the repression, the fear of damnation, and its inquisition

and its position on divorce, free love, and abortion

has earned them this malediction.


Instead of schooling relying on moral philosophy,

they turned to their priests with their sophistry,

Their catechisms to recite, heretics to fight

all this from divine light!

Their stand is against social progress

their minds are with religion abscessed,

and reason by faith oppressed?


The baggage of these mental cripples

into legislation sends ripples.

These fools make up the majority of voters, 

so society gets the government it deserves.



While an intellectual tract

is a good way for hokum to attack,

such swill and rational paralysis

does not merit rational analysis.

Guffaws say more than words can

in exposing the ways of faith to man:

A laugh is the loudest word,

for exposing the absurd.


Gods are neither vain, violent, nor illogically strange;

Surely not a familiar with the synods of deranged.

Nor the creators of man, the universe, or life,

or the eternal after-life.



Our duty is for myth with knowledge replace;

thus the will to be gullible displace,

and make true ethics the first duty to Gods

(thus ignoring the church synods).

To be consistently moral requires a properly schooled mind

One which logic and science and ethics bind,


Since Gods (if there be any) are both intelligent and kind,

what would they wish of mankind?

to put aside all that is odd:

the chirpings of praise,

the mental malaise,

the pomp & circumstance,

the priestly performance,

the mysteries and rites,

and claims of divine light;

and to make reason the guiding light;

to make reason the guiding light.

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