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We all wonder what has gone wrong with our country, and what are the fixes?  There is no simple explanation.  This paper lists its principle causes.  I have stood on the shoulders of others, and have pieced together their insights.  There is over a hundred article published here which provide background to the conclusions below.  My extensive training in philosophy and that I avoid the ruling-class’s media has aided me in this search for the best explanation.  The article below is about the parasitic financial system that is robbing our future and our children’s future.   Parasitic because far more of our assets than its services are worth. 


For those who need more background, there are the lectures by Noam Chomsky, and books Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine, Marcia Angell’s The Truth About Drug Companies, the documentaries The Money Masters, Fall of the Empire, The Corporation, and Zeitgeist videos.  

NEOLIBERAL ECONOMICS, the theory used to justify globalization—jk 6/08, 4/09, 2/12

There is an evil afoot, neoliberalism economics, the brain child of the globalizers.  It is neither new nor liberal, but the rebirth of the economics practices during the era of the Robber Barons.  It brought on the Great Depression.  Neoliberalism holds that the forces of the market place should be unfettered, viz., without regulations; and a second premise is that the roles of government are better fulfilled by private businesses.  Neoliberalism is the sophistry used to justify the ruling clique’s return to the economic conditions of the 19th century.  It is just a deceptive sales pitch pushed by the corporate media and taught in a university system which has strong ties to the business community.  Don’t look to the globalizer’s theory, but to their actions and its consequences (as Naomi Kline has done in “The Shock Doctrine”).  It is the actions of a consortium headed by the big banks, and supported by global corporations and brokerage houses.  Through their WTO, World Bank, IMF, and the foreign diplomacy of the wealthy nations, over 200 nations have found it PRUDENT to sign free-trade agreements, which cover much more than trade.  These trade treaties--with acronyms such as NAFTA, CAFTA, AFTA, and MEFTA--require the dismantling of regulations governing their currency and finance, require opening the resources, land, transit, media, utilities, banking, manufacturing, and markets for foreign purchase and competition.  There are over 900 clauses in these trade treaties which permit the overriding of national and local environmental, commerce, labor, banking, and trade regulations.  This signing of a treaty is a continuation of the ruling clique/party’s historical course of action:  the ruler’s powerbase is tied to the business community and its press. A nation which resists globalization faces economic sanctions. If that fails there is the Marines and NATO.  The principle reason for the Iraq war is MEFTA, with Iraq being hung out as an example—the same occurred with Libya, and Iran will likely experience the same.  The corporate press inculcates a different explanation.  Foreign policy of the developed nations is tied on a global scale to the shadow governments.  Today’s new Robber Barons are not the monopoly capitalists & bankers like Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Morgan, but a much bigger corporate fish.  Their goal is to eliminate local competition, by establishing a world government for whom they are the shadow government.  The business ethics hasn't changed, only the size of the board upon which they play, for now it covers our planet.

There has always been a shadow governments.  Consider the words of Theodore Roosevelt, New York Times 1922: These International bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these papers to club into submission or rive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government”.  These shadow governments wants globalization, wants bailouts for the financial sector, and governments obeys.  Ours has guaranteed 23.7 trillion of bad loans and speculative vehicles such as derivatives, and we have 80 major military bases around the globe.  U.S. and EU’s domestic & foreign policies promote the type of globalization that the shadow governments want.  They wanted to expand the debt-based currency, so we went off gold 1972—interest payments go to the banks. The expanding currency must be used, and most has gone into shadow banking activities and loans.  Consumer, commercial, and government debts in 2011 totaled over $60 trillion.  Servicing government debt is now the second biggest item in the budget ($454 billion for 2010).  The manufacturing foundation of our economy has been eroded to below 10% of employment—fast-food workers not counted.  This has resulted in an imbalance of trade amounting to over $70 billion per month (more debt).  From 2000 to 2006 the dollar has depreciated against the EURO by 38%--which of course is also loosing purchasing power, but not as fast.  This drop in our dollar’s value keeps the foreign dollars here to buy new T-bills to replace the T-bills that have matured.  This expansion of currency has created for speculators the specter of “Panic”.  It almost caused a 2nd great depression in 08.  What happened in Argentina, Asia, and Greece today, awaits the US.  The Robber Baron’s media passes the blame for economic crisis and strife on national government’s spending, but the shadow government is the ultimate cause.  Debit entails interest payments; crisis entails higher interest rates, foreclosures, and bargain purchases.  The shadow global government profits from these panics.     

The shadow-government policies has resulted in the out-sourcing of jobs, the flood of tariff-free goods, the flood of immigrants and illegal aliens, the reduction of worker’s buying power, the breaking of unions, the reduction of social services, and a shift of the tax burden by a drastic reduction of corporate & the top 1% income taxes.  The U.S. ranks 4th in GDP, yet is 92nd in distribution of wealth—UN stats.  The purchasing power of workers has steadily dropped since 1972, even though their productivity has increased by 45%.  It is consumed by the financial section which makes up 44% of corporate profits.  In 1950s a family got by on one income; there were very few working mothers.  Standards of living are falling not just in the developed nations, but also the poor nations—another fact that the corporate media denies. Global corporations including banking are the foreign weeds choking out native industries around the globe.  We need to return to unions (a voice for the masses), tariffs, and business regulations, like in the 50s.  We need a government with its sole primary duty being the promotion of the well-being of the masses. And this can only be accomplished by ending corporation’s political donations and also by having a public media committed to truth, education, and the public weal. Neoliberalism, the sales tool of the globalizers, is good for the masters of mankind.      

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I have repeated commented about the link between neocons, the WTO, and the effects of globalization.  Among the effects is the ability to over ride national interest, labor laws, environmental laws, public services through decisions made by the WTO and empowered through trade sanctions and fines.  It is the power of finance that has created them as the shadow government.  Watch The Money Masters at