World Trade, World Bank, Privatization

The Crporatist State and Globalization, Exposed--jk
Neoliberalism exposed -- concise summary -- jk
Neoliberalism exposed--jk
WTO fact sheet--jk
Egypt, a Lesson in Globalizer's Crisis Management
Globalization--Palast's Armed Madhouse
NEOLIBERALISM--the economics favored by big business, banks, and Our Government
A fact filled review of Neoliberal economic policies
Neoliberalism's Myth on Benefits of Free Trade
Neoliberalism roots for the war in Iraq
Top Reasons to Oppose the WTO
They have stolen democracy--Tom McCain, Republicans, Deomocrats
Free trade for globalization--Quackers speak out
2010 Bilderberg Conference
What has changed--Thom Hartmann
China, What Free Trade has Done!
Mounting Opposition to Neoliberalism and Why
World Bank & IMF, What They Really Are About--Greg Palast
IMF Insider Goes Public--Greg Palast
IMF Chief Economist Goes Public
World Bank's Plan Adopted by Ecuador--Greg Palast
GAFT Can Overturn U.S. Laws in the Interest of Commerce--Greg Palast
Its About Money, Stats and Drug Abuse Government Style
Biograrphy of Paul Wolfowitz with links
Biography of Paul Wolfowitz

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  Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Global Trade Watch is the Public Citizen division that fights for international trade and investment policies promoting government and corporate accountability, consumer health and safety, and environmental protection through research, lobbying, public education and the media.

  International Forum on Globalization

A think tank dedicated to investigating the impacts of economic globalization. IFG regularly hosts teach ins about the WTO, IMF and World Bank.

  Our World Is Not for Sale

The "Our World is Not For Sale" (OWINFS) network is a loose grouping of organizations, activists and social movements worldwide fighting against the current model of corporate globalization embodied in global trading systems. OWINFS is committed to a sustainable, socially just, democratic and accountable multilateral trading system.

  Food First

Food First/the Institute for Food and Development Policy is an education-for-action center dedicated to promoting food sovereignty and food security around the world.

  Focus on the Global South

Focus on the Global South, a Bangkok-based program of policy research, analysis, advocacy and action, formed in 1995 with the aim of stopping trade and financial liberalization led by institutions like the WTO, the World Bank and the IMF, exposing and opposing the link between economic globalization and militarism and promoting a deglobalised world.  It is a middle of the road, advocating capitalism with some government intervention in the market place. 

  Third World Network

The Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North- South issues. They have an extensive, up-to-the-minute website on the WTO.

  Friends of the Earth International

Friends of the Earth International is an international confederation of environmentalist movements with a large emphasis on fighting corporate globalization and the WTO

  Investment Watch

A resource maintained by Corporate Euro Observatory specifically following the issue of investment in the WTO.

  Council of Canadians

The Council of Canadians is Canada's pre-eminent citizens' watchdog organization, comprised of over 100,000 members and more than 60 Chapters across the country.

  GATS Watch

GATS, or the General Agreement on Trade in Services, is an agreement in the WTO related to privatizing services including health care, education, water, etc. GATSwatch is a joint project of Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute.

  The World Trade Organization

The official website of the World Trade Organization.


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I have repeated commented about the link between neocons, the WTO, and the effects of globalization.  Among the effects is the ability to over ride national interest, labor laws, environmental laws, public services through decisions made by the WTO and empowered through trade sanctions and fines.  It is the power of finance that has created them as the shadow government.  Watch The Money Masters at