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62 Contradictions Old & New Testaments

62 CONTRADICTION—Old & New Testaments


Old and New Testaments

1.       There were giants before the Flood. Gen.6:4.
All, except Noah and his family, were destroyed in the Flood. Gen.7:21-23; 2 Pet.2:5.
There were giants after the Flood. Num.13:33.

  1. It is wrong to lend money with interest. Lev.25:36, 37; Ex.22:25; Deut.23:19, 20; Ezek.22:12; Neh.5:7,10.
    It is wrong to lend money without interest. Mt.25:27; Lk.19:23-27.
  2. 24,000 died in the plague. Num.25:9.
    23,000 died in the plague. 1 Cor.10:8.
  3. God blesses the wine. Gen.27:27,28; Deut.7:13.
    God gives wine to gladden the heart. Ps.104:14,15.
    Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine. Jn.2:1-11.
    It is good to refrain from drinking wine. Rom.14:21.
  4. The fathers of the twelve tribes are listed. Gen.49:2-28.
    Twelve different fathers are listed. Rev.7:4-8.
  5. An eye for an eye, etc. Ex.21:23-25; Lev.24:20; Deut.19:21.
    Turn the other cheek. Mt.5:38-40; Lk.6:27-29.
  6. Arphaxad was the father of Salah. Gen.11:12.
    Arphaxad was the grandfather of Salah. Lk.3:35,36.
  7. The circumcision covenant was forever. Gen.17:10-13.
    The circumcision covenant was of no importance. Gal.6:15.
  8. God made Solomon the wisest king that ever lived, stating there would never be another like him. 1 Ki.3:12.
    Jesus said that he was greater than Solomon. Mt.12:42; Lk.11:31.
  9. Ahimalech was the high priest when David ate the shewbread. 1 Sam.21:1-6.
    Abiathar was the high priest when David ate the shewbread. Mk.2:26.
  10. Lot committed incest with his two daughters. Gen.19:30-38.
    Lot was a righteous man. 2 Pet.2:7,8.
  11. God promises Abraham the land of Canaan. Gen.17:8.
    Abraham died without gaining the promise. Acts 7:2-5; Heb.11:8,13.
  12. God tempts. Gen.22:1.
    Satan tempts. 1 Cor.7:5.
    God allows temptation. Job 1:8-12; Job 2:3-7.
    God tempts no one. Jms.1:13.
    Everything happens by chance. Ecc.9:11,12.
  13. Noah was righteous. Gen.7:1.
    Job was righteous. Job 1:1,8; Job 2:3.
    Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous. Lk.1:5,6.
    Some men are righteous. Jms.5:16; 1 Jn.3:7.
    No one is righteous. Rom.3:10,23; 1 Jn.1:8-10.
  14. The law was given directly to Moses. Deut.10:1-5.
    The law was given through angels. Gal.3:19.
  15. Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. Gen.16:15; Gen.21:1,3,9; Gal.4:22.
    Abraham had several other sons. Gen.25:1,2.
    Abraham had only one son. Heb.11:17.
  16. Jacob was buried in a cave at Machpelah bought from Ephron the Hittite. Gen.50:13.
    Jacob was buried in a sepulchre at Sychem bought from the sons of Hamor. Acts 7:15,16.
  17. God approves the making of vows. Num.30:1,2.
    Jesus forbids the making of vows. Mt.5:33-37.
    "God" and "Jesus" are one in the same. Jn.10:30.
  18. Some castrates will receive special rewards. Is.56:4,5.
    Men are encouraged to consider making themselves castrates. Mt.19:12.
    A castrate can not enter the assembly of God. Deut.23:1.
  19. A man can divorce his wife for any reason and both can remarry. Deut.24:1,2.
    Divorce is wrong and remarriage is adultery. Mk.10:11,12.
  20. Adam sinned, therefore all men are condemned to death. Rom.5:12,19; 1 Cor.15:22.
    Children are not to suffer for their parent's sins. Deut.24:16; 2 Ki.14:6; 2 Chr.25:4; Ezek.18:20.
  21. God is vengeful. Gen.4:15; Deut.32:35; Ezek.25:14-17; Nah.1:2; Rom.12:19; Heb.10:30.
    God is a warrior. Ex.15:3; Is.42:13; Ps.24:8.
    God is a consuming fire. Deut.4:24; Deut.9:3; Heb.12:29.
    God is jealous. Ex.20:5; Ex.34:14; Deut.4:24; Deut.5:9; Deut.6:15; Deut.29:20; Deut.32:21.
    God murders and kills. Num.31:7,17; Deut.20:16,17; Josh.10:40; Jud.14:19; Ezek.9:5,6; Num.11:33.
    God is angry. Num.32:14; Num.25:3,4; Deut.6:15; Deut.9:7,8; Deut.29:20; Deut.32:21; Ps.7:11; Ps.78:49; Jer.4:8; Jer.17:4; Jer.32:30,31; Zeph.2:2; 2 Sam.22:8,9; Ezek.6:12.
    God is love and peace. 2 Cor.13:11,14; 1 Jn.4:8,16; Rom.15:33.
    God's spirit inspires love, peace, etc. Gal.5:22,23.
    God never changes. Mal.3:6.
  22. Elijah went up to heaven. 2 Ki.2:11.
    A man, known to Paul, went up to heaven. 2 Cor.12:2-4.
    Enoch went "to heaven". Gen.5:24; Heb.11:5.
    Only "Jesus" ever went up to heaven. Jn.3:13.
  23. God does not change his mind. Numb.23:19; Is.40:8; Jms.1:17.
    God does change his mind. Gen.6:6,7; Ex.32:14; Num.14:20; 1 Sam.15:35; 2 Sam.24:16.
  24. Abraham saw God. Gen.12:7; Gen.17:1; Gen.26:2.
    Isaac saw God. Ge. 26:1-3.
    Jacob saw God. Gen.32:30.
    Moses saw God. Ex.3:16; Ex.33:11.
    Job saw God. Job 42:5.
    Amos saw God. Amos 7: 7.
    Many saw God. Ex.24:9-11.
    No man can see God and live. Ex.33:20; Jn.1:18; 1 Jn.4:12.
  25. The Israelites are instructed to mark their houses so that God will know to bypass them. Ex.12:13.
    God knows all things at all times. Prov.15: 3; Jer.16:17; Jer.23:24; Heb.4:13.
    God confused the language at Babel. Gen.11:9.
    God is not the author of confusion. 1 Cor.14:33.
  26. It was impossible for God and Judah together to defeat the enemy. Jud.1:19.
    Nothing is impossible for God. Lk.1:37.
  27. It is wrong to be able to tell good from evil. Gen.2:17.
    Only a mature person is able to tell good from evil. Heb.5:13,14.
  28. God prohibits killing. Ex.20:13; Deut.5:17; Mk.10:19; Lk.18:20; Rom.13:9; Jms.2:11.
    God orders killing. Ex.32:27; Deut.7:2; Deut.13:9,15; Deut.20:17; Josh. 10:40; 2 Ki.19:35; Ezek. 9:4-6.
  29. Sacrifices were to take away sin. Num.15:24-28.
    "Jesus" sacrifice took away sins. Heb.10:12; Heb.9:26-28.
    Sacrifices never take away sin. Heb.10:11.
  30. God is sometimes angry. Deut.6:15; Deut.9:7,8; Deut.29:20; Deut.32:22.
    Anger is a sin. Mt.5:22.
  31. "God" destroys his enemies. Deut.7:9,10.
    "Jesus" said to love your enemies. Mt.5:44,45.
  32. God shows no mercy to some. Ex.4:21; Josh.11:20.
    God is merciful to all. Deut.4:31; Lk.6:36; Jms.5:11.
  33. God decides who will be deaf, dumb, and blind. Ex.4:11.
    God is no respecter of persons. 2 Sam.14:14; 2 Chr.19:7; Acts 10:34; Rom.2:11.
  34. Satan deceives. Rev.12:9.
    God deceives. Ezek.14:9; 2 Thess.2:11.
  35. God cannot lie and hates lying. Prov.12:22; Heb.6:18.
    God condones lying. 1 Ki.22:22,23; 2 Chr.18:21,22.
  36. The Spirit of God is truth. Jn.14:17; Jn.15:26; Jn.16:13; 1 Jn.4:6; 1 Jn.5:6.
    The Spirit of God is a lying or evil spirit. 1 Sam.16:14-16,23; 1 Sam.18:10; 1 Sam.19:9; 1 Ki.22:22,23; 2 Chr.18:21,22.
  37. God dwells in thick darkness. 1 Ki.8:12; 2 Chr.6:1; Ps.18:11.
    God dwells in unapproachable light. 1 Ti.6:16.
  38. The linage was: Joram, Ahaziah, Joash, Amaziah, Asariah, Jotham. 1 Chr.3:11,12.
    The linage was: Joram, Ozias, Joatham, etc. Mt.1:8,9.
  39. The righteous are "persecuted" while the wicked are "blessed". Job 2:3-6; Job 21:7-15; 2 Ti.3:12.
    The righteous are "blessed" while the wicked are "destroyed". Ps.55:23; Ps.92:12-14; Prov.10:2,3,27-32; Prov.12:2,21.
  40. God told David to build a "house" for him. 2 Sam.7:4-6.
    God told David not to build a "house" for him. 1 Chr.22:8; 1 Chr.28:2,3.
    God said the David's son should build a "house" for him. 1 Ki.8:19; 1 Chr.22:9,10; Acts 7:47.
    God said that he does not dwell in places made with hands. Acts 7:48; Acts 17:24.
  41. God's anger does not last forever. Ps.30:5; Jer.3:12; Mic.7:18.
    God's anger does last forever. Jer.17:4; Mt.25:46.
  42. The earth was established forever. Ps.78:69; Ecc.1:4.
    The earth will someday perish. Ps.102:25,26; Mt.24:35; Mk.13:31; Lk.21:33; Heb.1:10,11; 2 Pet.3:10.
  43. Wisdom makes a man happy. Prov.3:13.
    Seek wisdom. Prov.4:7; Prov.19:8.
    God gives wisdom. Jms.1:5.
    Wisdom is foolishness. 1 Cor.1:19,20; 1 Cor.3:18-20.
  44. The godly obtain favor from God. Prov.12:2; Rom.8:28.
    The godly will be persecuted and scourged. 2 Tim.3:12; Heb.12:6.
  45. It is wise to understand your future direction. Prov.14:8.
    Take no thought for tomorrow. God will take care of you. Mt.6:25-34.
  46. Do not answer a fool, otherwise you become foolish, too. Prov.26:4.
    Answer a fool; otherwise, he will think himself wise. Prov.26:5.
  47. God's word is true. Prov.30:5.
    God deceives. Jer.20:7; Ezek.14:9; 2 Thess.2:11,12.
  48. God made the wicked to be destroyed. Prov.16:4.
    God deceives the wicked so they will be destroyed. 2 Thes.2:11,12.
    God wants all to be saved. 1 Tim.2:3,4; 2 Pet.3:9.
  49. The fear of God keeps men from evil. Prov.8:13; Prov.16:6.
    Fear came on those baptized. Acts 2:41-43.
    Cast out all fear because fear is torment. 1 Jn.4:18.
  50. The simple believe everything, but a wise man looks carefully. Prov.14:15.
    Believe as little children; otherwise, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Mt.18:3; Lk.18:17.
  51. God alone created heaven and earth. Is.44:24.
    He had help. Jn.1:1-4.
  52. Some sow wheat but reap thorns. Jer.12:13.
    Some will sow but never reap anything. Mic.6:15.
    Some will never sow but will still reap. Mt.25:26; Lk.19:22.
  53. The law was not good. Ezek.20:25.
    The law was good. Rom.7:12; 1 Tim.1:8.
  54. Two dead persons were raised by Jesus. Mt.9:18-25; Jn.11:38-44.
    Dead children were raised before the time of Jesus. 1 Ki. 17:17-23; 2 Ki.4:32-37.
    Jesus was the first to be raised from the dead. Acts 26:23.
  55. The law distinguishes between clean and unclean foods. Lev.10 and 11; Deut.14.
    Paul says that all foods are clean. 1 Tim.4: 1-4.
    A "heavenly voice" told Peter the same thing. Acts 11: 6-9.
    Jesus states that there is no such distinction. Mk.7:14,15.
    Jesus also states the permanence of the law. Mt.5:17-19; Lk.16:17.
  56. The chief priest rends his clothes at Jesus' trial. Mt.26:65; Mk.14:63.
    The chief priest is not to rend his clothes. Lev.21:10.
  57. Do not covet anything. Ex.20:17.
    Seek another's wealth. 1 Cor.10:24.
  58. David was a begotten son. Ps.2:7.
    Jesus was the only begotten son. Jn.1:17,18.
  59. Jesus was to be buried with others. Is. 53:9. (This is often quoted as referring to Jesus.)
    Jesus was buried alone. Mt.27:58-60; Mk.15:45,46; Lk.23:52,53; Jn.19:40-42.
  60. Jesus lists "defraud not" as one of the commandments. Mk.10:19.
    There is no such commandment. Ex.20:3-17.
  61. God shows no injustice or partiality. 2 Chr.19:7; Acts 10:34; Rom.2:11.
    God shows mercy or hardens whom he chooses. Ex. 33:19; Rom.9:15,18.

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