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Why LSD is best of choices
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One might consider this a research article (the purpose of this grouping of articles), since my experience with LSD and other recreational drugs spanned 16 years and that my education has made me an astute observer.  For the reasons below I have concluded that LSD is the best of recreational-drug choices. (Most of the claims below have substantiation in other articles in this site.)

If you are inclined to do a recreational drug, LSD is the safest, and with the most positive effects.  Allow me to explain. 1) Because of tolerance, it cannot be done repeatedly.  A period of one week is needed for the full effect to return.  With daily usage, in three days, there is no intoxication.  Thus it has the lowest for substance dependence.  2) LSD is a gentle giant:  it takes you up and brings you back to the same place with a feeling of well being.  No other recreational drug following 12 hours of inebriant results both in a feeling of physical and mental well being.*  The physical feeling is as though the body has been cleansed.  The mental feeling is that of greater inner calmness.  Both feelings, unfortunately, last only for the day following the psychedelic experience.  3) Euphoria:  many users becomes happy and bear a psychedelic grin.  4) Sexual intercourse becomes more pleasurable.  This is due both to increased focusing upon the act and a greatly increased sex drive.  There is a significantly heightened performance ability—both in frequency and duration.**  5)  Stimulation; the brain is in hyper-drive.  Thoughts fly through as though ones IQ had doubled.  This is why users have gained significant insights and why it has been used successfully in psychological treatments.  This intelligence effect is significantly confounded by LSD effect upon the center of the brain which produces dreams.  There is during part of the LSD trip an intrusion of dream-like surreal ideas.  With the eyes closed, this dream-like state can be observed.  The dream-like state is most noticeable during the peak of the experience, about 4 hours after ingesting.  The greater the dose, the longer and more intense is the dream state—a reasonable maximum is 6 hours.    6) Relief of boredom:  there is no boredom during the experience.   7) Adventure, as the Moody Blues sing in A Legend of a Mind, “travel in your easy chair.”  LSD will produce exciting adventures out of ordinary experiences such as going camping, the zoo, or a concert.  Their memories will endure. 

            The combination of the various reinforcers, have made LSD a permanent fixture of the recreational drug choices.  There are other psychedelics, but none produce as much reinforcement.  However, some of the mescaline relatives come close, and they are of a shorter duration, and those related to MDA produce a more intense loving feeling.  For a first-time user this feeling love feeling from the MDA family of drugs can also be experienced with amphetamine and methamphetamine.  Tolerance to this loving feeling occurs rapidly with both families of drugs, unless they are done at an infrequent period such as once each season.  LSD, when done weekly, produces a consistent high without the tolerance defect. 

Of the many users whom I know, none have stated to me that they were made worse from the usage of LSD, and most have extolled its positive effects.  Like puff the magic dragon (lyric & title to a hit song, 1963, by Peter, Paul, and Mary), the majority of users change their inebriation patterns, and only very rarely, if at all, continue doing the drug at 10 years out.  The reasons for this are complex since the social vectors are great.  One factor is that it cannot be used as a daily inebriant—unlike alcohol, barbiturates, valium, and marijuana.  Without daily usage the peer factor is less.***  I too don’t regret my experience LSD. 

One final comment on its usage.  As the Neoameican Church demand of those who as a sacrament take peyote, that they do so without other intoxicants; it too should be done with LSD.  One reason is that these other drugs cloud the clarity of LSD.  Secondly, the so-called bad trips with LSD occur either with massive doses (which is an accident) or by using another drug at the same time.  Bad trips are brought on by an adrenalin rush.  The risk of this is near zero in a non-threatening environment when LSD is taken alone and in a reasonable amount.     

I have since those years made my peace with reality, and now live in it quite comfortable.  However, I wish that people would not put so much garbage in their brains.  For as Plato said, “Everyone pursues the good, but they are very misinformed about what it is.”  This world could be so much better, for when you put garbage in, you get garbage out.  This website is our attempt to promote the good. 




*  Amphetamines come close.  However, for to produce a profound high, the amount taken will result in 3-4 days of sleeplessness.   And after a short sleep, the effects of the original dose will still be felt.  The coming off of a moderate dose of amphetamines is quite gentle.  With LSD, after 12-14 hours intoxication is over.   The shorter duration makes coming off of it easier than with amphetamines.      

**  Amphetamines produce (like MDA) a profound effusion of loving, positive emotions.  The sex drive is greatly increased, and intercourse is both longer and more frequent than without the drug.  However, with repeated usage there a tolerance quickly develops, both to the physical stimulation and even more so to the emotional high.  Larger doses on subsequent usage will produce a similar effect.  However, after about 1-2 months of frequent usage the positive emotional effects are gone.    

*** I think that possible as one ages the brain responds differently, making the pleasure vector less.   I have in my own case, in the 5th decade, observed the response to the antihistamine chlorpheniramine maleate, opiates, and amphetamines have changed—all for the worse.       

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Though I disagree with your recreation, I defend your right to choose  (paraphrase of Voltaire's statement on religious freedom)

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