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 Center for Medical Consumers

Committed to broadening the publics awareness about the quality problems that pervade the American health care system.

       A regular learning center on line.  Evidence-based Medicine (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford)
         Health Action International

Working for better controls on drug promotion and more rational use of medication.

         Healthy Skepticism (formerly MaLAM)

Defending health care from misleading and harmful marketing.  With an exhaustive bibliography compiled by Joel Lexchin.

         Public Citizen's Health Research Group

Fighting for citizen and consumer justice since 1971, HRG promotes research-based changes in health care as well as providing advice and oversight regarding drugs, healthcare delivery and medical devices.

A database developed by Joel Lexchin containing everything ever written about pharmaceutical promotion.

A database posted by The Center for Science in the Public Interest of scientists who consult for or have other affiliations with chemical, gas, oil, food, drug, and other companies. 

         National Institute for Health Care Management

Dedicated to the improving of the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of America's health care system.

Advocating for a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health care program in the U.S.

Promoting improved patient care, research and teaching in primary care/general internal medicine.

         Therapeutics Initiative

Provides physicians and pharmacists with up to date, evidence based, practical information on rational drug therapy.

"Preparing, maintaining, and promoting the accessibility of systematic reviews of the effects of health care interventions."  Their articles are reviews of the literature, unfortunate you must subscribe for the full articles. 

All the Users' Guides (except for the Users' Guide to the Pharmaceutical Literature) are available here.   A Canadian site with much to read. 


Additional sites:

From NO FREE LUNCH, British site with many links and instructive articles.  Many of the articles are for medical professionals. 


An excellent Canadian site, On chiropratics


 By Doctor Barrett, Possible the best.  Hundreds or articles and links by a leading spokesperson against quackery at qauckwatch.com

Excellent collection of links and articles, Dr Stephen Barrett is the webmaster at National Council Against Health Fraud


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