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What I've Learned, health short videos of first quality

These videos are concise and balanced on the topic, full of supporting science, covers the essential points without major errors, excellent supporting illustration, clear audio, for an educated audience, and they are entertaining. A general audience will also enjoy these videos. On a few of them there are flaws in the material, and in most cases I will note it in my description. Most of the psychology video are flawed, science he has yet to realize the relevance of neural science and how behaviorism is consistent with neural science, nevertheless, for 95% of the audience they will enjoy them.

*****Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day 16 min, 2,783,000, What I’ve Learned very good on science, covers the essential points without major errors, good illustration, clear audio, packed full of correct information, for an aware general audience and entertaining, fasting slowly reverses insulin resistance [thus mitochondrial dysfunction] which makes us sick TWELTH CHOICE
***** Obesity and diabetes explained: the overflow pheno0menon 16 min, 200,000 views, Oct 2018, What I’ve Learned, lots of good basics such as insulin causes fat storage, and rebuttal of bad studies, but failed to mention industry funding or going into the biology behind ketogenic diet—covered elsewhere very good
Salt: Are you getting enough? 13 min, 65,000 views 9/17, 327,000 views, What I’ve Learned; the historical use was much higher because of food preservation; we urinate the excess away. With US guidelines for salt we have a higher mortality rate than taking 6 times that amount. He misses the little effect that it has on blood pressure, see Dr. Fung directly above. very good
***** The story of fat: why we are wrong about Health, 15 min, 725,000 views, What I’ve Learned (Patron), foundation WATCH
*****The Story of Fat and why we were wrong about health 15 min, 181.000 views What I have Learned , on bad food manufacturers and how it is all about marking. foundation WATCH. He at last missed two, that Ancel Keys was in the pay of industry and selected because of our government’s industrial farm policy set under Nixon, and the second is on statins and that pharma cooks the results of trial they own. More recent lectures correct that error.
*****Sugar Explained: why sugar is as bad as alcohol (Fructose the liver toxin) 15 min 681,000 views, What I’ve Learned, quality well-illustrated production that gets across all of the key points across while others take an hour, for everyone with the basics foundation WATCH
***** Sugar is in everything why sugar is addictive and in 80% of food, 13, min, 275,000 views What I’ve Learned, part of the same series above foundation WATCH
***** Sugar Why your body makes you Fat and Hungry (Food and Weight Gain Part 2) 12 min 313,000 views, What I Have Learned on how the sugar fructose causes the obesity epidemic, by causing insulin resistance which screws up our weight regulatory system, to make us make us hungry, tired, store excess fat storage foundation WATCH
What is the point of depression? 16 min, 508,000 views
Where do emotions come from? You create them 11 min, 173,000 views
Why are people so health in Japan 11 min, 389,000 what I’ve learned, stress all the possible ways certain substances in foods is purportedly good for you. This is industry twaddle that are not curative while ignoring the cause fructose (which are fingered in other of his documentaries). Great format, but because it promotes cognitive dissonance, thumbs down Skip
***** Why Calories are NOT important (Food and weight gain, Part 1) 12 min, 236,000 What I’ve Learned, on how counting calories is based on the false premise that a calorie is a calorie. They are not all equal, and to lose weight we must metabolize fat foundation WATCH
***** Why exercise is so underrated (brain power and movement link) 15 min, 581,000 views, What I have Learned and updated version 22 min, 12 views foundation WATCH
*****Why habits form and how to control then 12 min, 287,000 views, What I’ve Learned, a voyage into psychology, a good intellectual train on think about what we are, and how the brain controls., he calls it building habit. On learning and much more Excellent
***** Why meditate? Change your brain’s default mode, 14 min, 836,000 view What I’ve Learned, influenced by Dan Harris. The brain default mode network (known in Eastern writings as monkey mind/chatter is an area different than compared to the task positive region, when one is more active, the other is less. Meditation develops mindfulness, focus Very good
*****WHY Sugar is as Bad as Alcohol (Fructose, The Liver Toxin) !4 min, 2.2M views, What I’ve Learned, the science behind why fructose is poison like alcohol to the live: both cause fatty liver, fructose through insulin resistance causes obesity SEVENTH CHOICE
***** Why we don’t have free will, and this okay, 25 min, 500,000 Views, What I’ve learned, Dec 2017, a topic that we need to understand, or as neuroscientist Michael Gazaniga say, the brain rules. Many examples of that are presented Very good, The lack of awareness of how the brain controls behavior gives the illusion that the rational portion of the brain is the decider. He misses the best would be to hold that an act without causal antecedents that are determinative is capricious. The second would be is how does the rational side decide, this leads to an infinite digression, and if it can be trained, then it has causal antecedent, that of training.
***** Why we get fat & hungry (part 2), 12, min,1.1 m views, What I’ve learned, covers all the essential points, biology rules, insulin causes fat storage, carbs drive fat accumulation, plenty of history showing that we turned it upside down, but misses fructose and incorrectly blames the lack of fiber, though on others he states that fructose is a poison foundation WATCH

on Arrhythmia another therapy buried because it can’t be patented -- there was major research in the 60s and 70s on Taurine
Taurine and electrical activity in the heart, April 3 2018, from the 1974 article (photo copy)
“these finding indicate that taurine is able to regulate the excitability of the myocardium, possible by modifying membrane permeability to potassium. It is suggested that this effect involves penetration of taurine into the cell and its conversion to isethionic acid.”
April 1964 Wetty, JD, WO Read
Experiments were performed to determine the effect of taurine on the intracellular potassium of heart tissue. The data show that: (1) taurine, in the presence of 10-6 M epinephrine or 1.25 x 10-6 M digoxin, promotes cellular accumulation of potassium in heart slices and abolishes or reverses the loss of cell potassium when heart slices are incubated in the presence of 10-4 M epinephrine or 1.25 x 10-4 M digoxin; (2) epinephnine, digoxin and procaine amide increase the conversion of taunine to isethionic acid by heart slices, quinidine has no effect, while acetylcholine depresses the conversion; (3) taurine, in the intact dog heart, prevents the efflux of potassium which accompanies lange doses of epinephrine.

Teddy Roosevelt's advice: "We must drive the special interests out of politics. The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they have themselves called into being. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains."