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Requiem for Ateqeh Rajabi--16 year old publicily hanged

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Requiem for Ateqeh Rajabi

By Maryam Namazie

16 year old Ateqeh Rajabi was publicly hanged in the city centre in Neka in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran on 15 August for ‘acts incompatible with chastity’ after having been arrested a few months earlier for having sexual relations. She had no attorney at any stage of the farce.


       During the ‘trial’, she expressed her outrage at the misogyny and injustice in society and ‘judicial’ system and even removed some of her clothing. The lower court ‘judge’ was so incensed by her protestations that he personally put the noose around her neck after his decision had been upheld by the ‘Supreme Court’.


In some reports on her execution, Ateqah has been labelled ‘mentally incompetent’.  I suppose it could be nothing but madness that drives a 16 year old to rage against the system. That drives Zahra Kazemi to take photographs in front of Evin prison. That drives Shahla Jahed to scream out in ‘court’ against the torture she had faced and her execution order. That drives Maryam Ayoubi to rage against her stoning order.


I suppose it must be madness that brings hundreds of women to the streets of Iran on International Women’s Day to burn the hejab, that makes tens of thousands ‘improperly’ veil despite the arrests and fines and harassment…


Pure madness?  Reading that Ateqeh was mad reminds me of the innumerable protesting women deemed mad for their centuries. But dear readers, there is one difference.  It is not sweet 16 Ateqah who is mad for her century but the regime that has just brutally ended her life…


No-one should accept this grotesque violation.


Maryam Namazie hosts International TV English. TV International/English is a weekly hour-long news analysis and commentary programme that focuses on the Middle East and rights and freedoms from a progressive and Left standpoint. Prior to the English programme, Maryam Namazie also hosts a half-an hour long Farsi programme

In our own country we have a swing back to religion.  While it seems quite remote that it would--even if the bible bangers came to power--order executions for fornication and adultery; however, criminal penalties for these acts are still on some state books—though now ignored.  Laws against homosexuality are also in effect (New York State, in my lifetime, had on its books a law with a penalty of 40 years).  There still are laws against teenagers committing fornication; these penalties would be stiffened.  Returning to Bible law, fornication and adultery would be against the law.  Pornography would undoubted include pictures of breasts.  There goes our nude beaches and topless bars.  Playboy Magazine would become a collector’s item, as would all those x-rated DVDs.  In the 80s Playboy was banned in Mexico.  I remember when in college reading a statement by the Pope that he advised catholic men against wearing short-sleeve shirts.  There goes in public shorts, hip huggers, skirts above the knees, two-piece bathing suits, and v-necked blouses.   In public schools would be uniforms like those worn today in Catholic schools.  Oh, and under unnatural act laws, such as those of the last century, only the missionary position would be legal.  Massachusetts in the last century held as pornography literature on birth control.  The crime rate would again go up as millions of unwanted children would be born into dysfunctional families, single parents, or be raised in homes for foundlings.  And can we forget the Blue Laws still in effect in Pennsylvania.  They are designed to encourage its peoples to go to church on Sunday by closing bars.  When I was a kid, that law also closed retail establishments on Sunday.  It would be extended to close the malls dining, and recreational facilities.[i] 


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those who help empower Bush would form their own party and come to power so that they can do God’s work (He’s getting to old and feeble, and his son absolutely will not mess again in the affairs of humans)?--jk 

[i]   Puritan colonies of New England had rigid laws prohibiting Sabbath breaking, breaches in family discipline, drunkenness, and excesses in dress. Many states in the service of the church forbade the sale of cigarettes, and laws prohibited secular amusements as well as all unnecessary work on Sunday; provision was made for strict local censorship of books, plays, films and other means of instruction and entertainment. About three-fourths of the states still carry on their books laws imposing some kind of Sunday restriction on such activities as retail sales, general labor, liquor sales, boxing, hunting, or barbering, as well as polo, cockfighting, or clam digging. These laws have been challenged in federal courts as a violation of the Sherman Anti-trust Act and the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion. The Supreme Court has upheld them, starting with McGowan v. Maryland (1961), ruling that though the laws originated for religious reasons, the state has a right to set aside a day of rest for the well-being of its citizens.

John Stuart Mill on the evils of religion--one page says it all!