Ethics, the Humanistic side

What DECLAWING entails
Globalization, the light that failed, Guyana
Economics & Quality of Life, Russia & Vietnam
Slavery is Common--Scientific American
Slavery in the U.S.
U.N. Reports on Slavery
Child Labor & Child Slavery
Darfur death count
Palestine, Hamas is the Price of Repression
ZIMBABWE, politics, economics, corruption


War creates more evil people than it kills--Immanuel Kant

There is an evil afoot:  corporatism has taken over government under the banner of NEOLIBERALISM 

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QuackWatch, guide to health fraud by Dr. Stephen Barrett  Part of the Nader network of Public Citizen  Contains The Skeptic Dictionary by Robert Carroll, over 460 first rate articles on all the topics of interest to a skeptic the site of California’s leading skeptic organization and publication Skeptic Magazine  the largest and longest established organization promoting intelligent skepticism 


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an encyclopedic collection of articles on assorted medical & health issues.   The best on the web.  Science (evidence) based articles on all the major health issues including cancer, obesity, tobacco, back pain, ulcer & heart burn, dubious drugs and medical treatments, male & female hormone replacements, NSAID & aspirin, longevity, introns, stem cells, basic medical science, etc.  Many educational and journal articles plus great art.


The Truth About Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, MD.  Absolutely the best book on profits and drugs.  It reveals—without being technical and tedious—big PHARMAs bull shit, while at the same time revealing the workings of the profit system and its relationship to government—and it’s available on audio CD.  For chapter 6 of her book.


Our corporate medicine is just one of many illustrations of the proof of Teddy Roosevelt's warning that, "We must drive the special interests out of politics. The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they have themselves called into being. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains."

Another example of the power of money is found at, a listing of those who had fallen from public favor either for corruption or sexual preferences.  Corruption ought to include the bribes in the form of campaign donations and other perks including  insider tips for trading on the stock market. 



Original sin is the difference between your pleasures and my pleasures--BF Skinner