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Unfortunately nearly all graphs are based on government figures, and they are part of the political process.  The GDP, for example, since 1970 has been GROSSLY OVERSTATED because it includes the financial sector and what they suck from the rest of the economy (now at 40% of GDP).  Interest payments are a burden and shouldn’t be included in the GDP. 




The debt peak in 1933 was based on falling GDP not expanding debt.  Notice the growth in credit prior to the economic collapse in 1929.  The panic on Wall Street occurred when the GDP in July and August of 1929 shrank at an annual rate of 20%


The growth in debt is based on 10% asset requirement of the Federal Reserve for its member banks.  Shadow banking is under 3% assets.


Enter supporting content here on the Federal Reserve banking system, and their power. One cannot understand U.S. government’s relationship with the business sectors, or U.S. foreign policy without understanding the role of the Federal Reserve and other national-banking systems. They are the foundation of the 3-headed Hydra, the IMF, WTO and World Bank.