CRASH 2008-09 -- first wave

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Pod Cast of CRASH plus much more

Economic Collapse—u tube links, congress lady on Wall Street bails out. Congressman on Wall Street bail out. great overview of the banking crunch, by 1/4th down in page is pod cast with Stiglitz on the bailout bill. Lori Wallach pod cast on free trade, middle of page



On McCain and Obama McCain voted consistently for deregulation, confirmation of the saying, show me a politician and I’ll show you a liar Ralph Nader on Obama’s bad voting record on regulation, etc. 

WAR FRAUD Sen. Byron Dorgan on war fraud You Tube, index at /index.php, a collection of over 200 pod casts.  


VOTER FRAUD, news cast on how the election was stolen. Palast & Kennedy intro pod cast.  There will be a download of their 24 page comic book by the 1st of October 



JUST FOR FUN Diebold releases 2008 results in April. collapse of Anti-Bush industry news cast, very professional

This is one of the most entertaining (musical cartoons) websites mostly on current events—middle of the road.   A fun one that sings out musically the consequences of outsourcing

FREE DOCUMENTARIES Excellent collection of films for free; over 80 including Sicko by Michael Moore. 




McCain—another Bush McCain on deregulation pod cast on McCain lying. 



Global issues and Finance On the CFR (Council of foreign Affairs) founding and control of the press. on CFR On establishment of the Federal Reserve on the problems of capitalism, allows you to see why the system crashed, also at (the entire library) library of pod casts on capitalism, very instructive  Joseph Stiglitz, Globalization and its discontents, 2002, 1/4th down in page is pod cast with Stiglitz on the bailout bill. 8 page, quality magazine which rates nations on their globalization based on economic, personal, political, and technological. history of U.S. imperialism, Howard Zinn Lori Wallach pod cast on free trade, middle of page Peter Schiff explaining housing bubble, an excellent summation and prediction. Peter Schiff on our economy and buying gold. on gold Peter Schiff on why the dollar is falling:  they are printing money.


Howard Zinn, a Peoples History of the United States 1980. 5th Ed 2004) also available on CD Professor of history, Boston University, born 8/24/22; The Twentieth Century: a People’s History (2003) Howard Zinn on U.S. Imperialsim, well illustrated, 8:35

Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism, 2007



Stolen Election:  what ONLY the European media carries Greg Palast on BBC investigative report on Republican purging of voter registrations. pod cast link to BBC program on voter suppression. to check your voter registration.


Teddy Roosevelt's advice that, "We must drive the special interests out of politics. The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they have themselves called into being. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains."

Don’t miss the collection of Pod Cast links


Nothing I have seen is better at explaining in a balanced way the development of the national-banking system (Federal Reserve, Bank of England and others).  Its quality research and pictures used to support its concise explanation set a standard for documentaries--at  The 2nd greatest item in the U.S. budget is payment on the debt.